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Street Jazz, KPOP

TUE 20:00-21:30
WED 20:00-21:30

Akiko has been dancing for over 10 years. Initially, she was trained in ballet and contemporary. She is currently an active member of 155cm Dance Crew (@155cm_official) with over 122k subscribers on YouTube. Akiko has also been teaching in various Melbourne's dance studios for the past few years. Throughout her extensive dance career, Akiko has participated in many dances related competitions and events.



FRI 20:00-21:30

Anthony is a freestyler and choreographer that primarily focuses on House and Hip-hop. He represents PDHT Dance Crew (@pdhtfam) and Sharing is Caring crew (@sharingiscaring.sic). He has competed and performed at numerous local and international competitions like World of Dance, Step Off, and Grounded.
He draws a lot of his dance knowledge from the street scene in Melbourne and applies his teachings he has taken from overseas, attending dance camps and workshops in Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Anthony is very eager to teach what he has collected over his many years of dancing and hopes to see everyone soon.


Street Jazz, KPOP

TUE 18:30-20:00
THU 17:00-18:30
SAT 17:00-18:30

Becky has been trained professionally in ballet and classical Chinese dance since she was 5 years old. She has achieved multiple awards in Chinese traditional dance competitions. Coming to Australia, she continued to explore her love for dance through leading KPOP dance cover crew, 155cm (@155cm_official). Since 2018, Becky began teaching KPOP and Jazz at various Melbourne studios. She is passionate towards providing the best learning experience for students.



TUE 17:00-18:30

Ben began his love for KPOP since he was 17. He is an active member of Melbourne KPOP crew, Nerve (@nerve.dancecrew). He has participated in many performance events with the crew as well as placing as one of the top performers in Korean World Festival Melbourne round 2021.


Street Jazz

MON 20:00-21:30

Bill is one of Melbourne's most famous street jazz dancer and teacher. He teaches at various different dance studios in Melbourne. Bill has created his own style of jazz where he adds a little bit of different dance genres and knowledge to his choreographies. He is always passionate for dancing and teaching. 



MON 20:00-21:30

Daniel has been dancing for 7 years with experiences of being back-up dancers for music videos and TV shows in Malaysia. He has been champions and judges for a few KPOP Dance Cover competitions in Malaysia. In 2018, as a member of OXII, he competed in ARENA SINGAPORE 2018 and SUPER 24 2018.


Street Jazz, KPOP

SAT 14:00-15:30

Jennie is one of NV's newest teachers. She has gained her teaching experience throughout the past few years in various Melbourne dance studios. She is one of 155cm dance crew's (@155cm_official) member and has participated in numerous dance projects. Jennie has also competed and performed in many shows and competitions throughout her dance journey.



FRI 18:30-20:00
SUN 15:30-17:00

Maggie has been dancing for around 7 years. She has always have had passion for dancing different styles of dance genres and choreographies. Back in Shanghai, she has been a team leader who has lead her group to winning various dance competition awards, such as being first place in Shanghai Drop the Beat competition two years in a row (2017-2018). Maggie is willing to share her own style through her creation of choreographies, and wishes to help student to improve as a dancer while having fun in class.



THU 17:00 - 18:30pm
SUN 14:00-15:30pm

Marion discovered her passion for performing way before she started dancing through training in gymnastics and participating in school performances at the age of 7. She started her dance journey after becoming a KPOP fan in 2013. Since then, she has been motivated to improve as a dancer to adapt and embody different styles of KPOP dances. Marion has been performing and competing in the past few years and is current and active member of Bias dance crew (@biasdance). She wishes to assist students to express themselves and become more confident though dancing KPOP.




FRI 17:00-18:30

Mlly is a new teacher that just came to Melbourne from China. She is an experienced dancer who is talented in many different styles, which she combines together in her own choreography. She dances both jazz and hip-hop that provides her with a diverse and detailed vocabulary she uses within her teaching. Mlly also has gained much experience in China and has attended many competitions. 


Street Jazz, KPOP

MON 17:00-18:30
WED 17:00-18:30

Raymond started dancing KPOP since he was 17 years old and has been actively involved in Melbourne dance crews, Truth (@truthxdarecrew) and Bias (@biasdance). Raymond has been placed in various KPOP dance competitions and is a regular instructor at Melbourne dance studios. He believes that dancing KPOP and Street Jazz has helped him gain confidence and hopes that he can help students achieve the same through his teaching.


Street Jazz, Commercial

SAT 15:30-17:00

Shanae found her love for dancing at a young age starting off with ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and cheerleading. At the age of 17, hip-hop dance crew DE.3 represented Australia in 2015 in the IASCF in Disney World Florida.
Since coming back from the States, she then has been training professionally with Spectrum Dance to then graduate after 3 years of studying. Being an all-rounder in dance genres, Shanae has been performing at events and venues all over Melbourne (AFL Footy Show, Melbourne Storm, Puma Greatness Gala, The Palais Hepburn Opening starring Miss Sina King to name a few).
While still actively working in the entertainment industry, she has founded DSTRXN dance crew (@dstrxndancecrew) who has recently made their professional debut at Melbourne's largest Streetwear Expo Ego Expo. She is also an active member of the rapidly growing Flash Mob Society crew (@flashmobsociety) who will be performing at the Royal Family Dance Crew Australia Tour.


Heels, Street Jazz

SUN 17:00-18:30

Vee is a trendy new teacher who has shown off her dance style of heels. She has just started her teaching journey through her own heels and street jazz choreographies which has been favoured by many. Vee has been constantly focused on improving herself to offer more to others, and she can't wait to see how far she and her dance journey can go!

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